Regional day rate: $120

Overnight trips: $120 each way

There are thousands of beautiful and exotic locations outside of Quito, but if you’re traveling in a group it can be hard to get transport to some of those places reasonably. Quito Capital Rides offers transport to anywhere in Ecuador at a flat rate. Our vans fit 10 passengers and our guide/driver Rod Pilagonia speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese.

We are able to take you to any place you wish to go in Ecuador, but if you aren’t sure of where you should go, some suggestions of incredible places are listed below.

Suggestions of places to visit around Ecuador:

  • Papallacta (Regional)
  • Otavalo (Regional)
  • Mindo (Regional)
  • Cotopaxi (Regional)
  • Cochasqui Ruins (Regional)
  • Tena (overnight)
  • Baños (overnight)
  • Beach (overnight)