Quito Airport Transport: $30 flat fee (van fits up to 10 passengers)

Whether you are moving to Quito or coming to visit in a group, Quito Capital Rides is the perfect solution for you. While taxis can transport four people to and from the airport, with luggage and bags, it becomes cramped and uncomfortable. The bus system can take you cheaply, but it may take up to 1.5 hours to make it to the airport or back to your home.


However, with Quito Capital Rides, we’ll pick you up on time, every time, with plenty of space for passengers and baggage. Our 10-seater van is new, clean, and faster than any bus. So whether you are landing in UIO and coming to Quito, or leaving Quito and heading to Mariscal Sucre, our transport service is the most convenient option for your group to get in and around the Quito metro area.