Papallacta is a tiny town about 1.5 to 2 hours outside of Quito. It is famous for its natural hot springs where visitors can go and soak their tired limbs in the rejuvenating powers of the relaxing hot bath.


It is said that the waters of Papallacta are medicinal and help anything from one’s intestines to respiration to arthritis. The pools range in temperature from 36-40 degrees Celsius or 97-104 degrees Fahrenheit.


Around the hot springs are a few hiking trails, restaurants, and a hotel. While Baños has hot springs as well, the ones in Papallacta are hardly ever full, and have a variety of different pools to lounge in. Papallacta is perfect for a day trip out of Quito. On the way you will pass some beautiful scenery and some quaint towns.

Cost for transport for up to ten passengers: $120

Entrance into the pools: $8.50 for adults into the public pools or
$22.00 to enter the “spa” section, which is essentially a section of more private pools