The river from Baños to Puyo. Its quite common and cheap to rent bikes to go along this path, typically called the Waterfall Route.


The view of Baños from one of the many hikes around the town.

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Baños is a huge tourist destination (both for Ecuadorians and foreigners) for adventure sports. The most popular options available are zip-lining, ATV driving, mountain biking, and puenting (jumping off a bridge, similar to bunjee jumping but instead of a bungee you are on a Tarzan rope.)

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For those less inclined to pursuit danger, there are great views of Tungurahua to pursue, amazingly large waterfalls to admire, and swings that appear as though you’re on the edge of the world. Baños is named for the natural hot springs that come from the active volcano, Tungurahua, which are also a relaxing way to spend the day. No matter what you choose Baños is a favorite of many.

Price to visit Baños: $120 per leg of the trip for up to 10 passengers. 

Time to get to Baños from Quito: between 3.5-4 hours
(recommended to stay for at least two days)