One of the many waterfalls in Mindo 
Mindo is one of the most famous cloud forests in Ecuador. It is located 2.5 hours outside of Quito to the north-west. Mindo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ecuador because it has beautiful waterfalls, hiking, and adventure sports all in one area.


In Mindo the thrill-seekers can go zip-lining or rappelling down waterfalls, or for those who like to keep both feet on the ground there are lots of amazing hiking paths to trek, a butterfly sanctuary to admire the butterflies and hummingbirds, a plethora of birds to watch, and waterfalls to swim in.


This tarabita takes visitors across the ravine to go hiking around the waterfalls


The butterfly farm, where the butterflies are happy to make you their perch.


Zip-lining through the cloud forest

Price to visit Mindo: $120 as a day trip (for up to 10 passengers)
if spending the night $120 for each way

Time to get from Quito to Mindo: 2.5 hours